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Makeup Free Boom

[From July Issue 2015]


Left Photo: HIGASHIDE Keiko, Right Photo: HIGASHIDE Naoko

More and more women want to spend time without makeup – such as foundation – on. The reasoning behind this trend is that it is better to maintain beautiful skin by leaving it bare, than to decorate it with makeup.

“While women continue to make great strides in the workplace, I feel that many are suffering from stress arising from their interpersonal relationships and job-related issues,” says HIGASHIDE Keiko, a honey beauty method researcher at Apikoko Co., Ltd. “Stress has a huge effect on your skin and on your health in general. With this in mind, it could be that women find it liberating to go without foundation,” says her younger sister HIGASHIDE Naoko. The Higashide sisters hold seminars to teach women a beauty method that utilizes honey.

The Higashide sisters say that the health boom in recent years is also closely related to the popularity of going makeup free. Physical and mental health is closely connected to the skin’s beauty.


Skincare University website

“Skincare University” is an Internet site that supplies visitors with information about beneficial habits, recipes, and skin care routines that keep the skin in good condition. In addition to providing a lot of information concerning skincare and health, this site is also popular for the reliability of its articles which are written under the editorial supervision of doctors and specialists.

“I think the makeup free boom is wonderful,” says OTAKE Sora, an editor at Skincare University. Even when you have to put on makeup, you can maintain beautiful skin by carrying out the correct skincare regime afterwards. “The important thing is to follow a treatment that suits your skin.”

“Keeping your skin clean inevitably leads to a healthy well-regulated lifestyle,” says TAKAO Mako, a regular visitor to the site. By cutting out habits like smoking and staying up late, many people feel that the condition of their skin improved after just one week. One of the reasons for the makeup free boom could be that the more effort you put into changing your habits, the better results you see.

It’s not only women that want to keep their skin beautiful. More and more men are also taking great pains over their skin. In response to demand from participants, Apikoko, has begun giving seminars to men about beauty routines that utilize honey. They have founded “Honey Men’s Club,” a community for men who want to swap information on skincare.

In order to maintain beautiful skin, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle and this includes how you sleep, exercise, and eat. It’s said that being able to show your bare face to others comes from the confidence gained from living right. Who knows, in the future more and more women into self-improvement may shun makeup and more and more men may put an effort into their skincare routines.


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