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[From August Issue 2015]


“Jonathan’s” is a family restaurant franchise that has approximately 300 restaurants in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The numerous dishes on offer contain carefully selected ingredients sourced from various regions. “Appetizers” are reasonably priced at 250 yen a dish and are popular with those who fancy a light meal or something to nibble on while having alcoholic drinks. Some restaurants locations also offer home delivery.

[No.1] Tandoori Chicken & Mexican Pilaf 899 yen

This long-selling dish has been on the menu for over 20 years. The curry-flavored chicken and spicy Mexican pilaf (fried rice) pairing has become a favorite for many.


[No.2] American Sauce Spaghetti with Snow Crab 869 yen

This pasta dish is made with flaked snow crab meat and is topped with a specially-made American sauce that gives it a creamy finish. It is a classic and popular Jonathan’s dish.


[No.3] Doria with Brightly Colored Vegetables 799 yen

This rice casserole contains lots of vegetables. The dish is accentuated with thick cream and a signature meat sauce.


Availability and prices may vary according to the restaurant.


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