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Nadai Fujisoba

[From July Issue 2015]


At the “Nadai Fujisoba” chain of restaurants, it’s possible to eat Japanese dishes – including soba – for a reasonable price. Although it’s known for being a restaurant where customers consume food standing up at the counter, you can sit down to eat in most outlets. More than 100 outlets are open for business in and around Tokyo Prefecture. Since the business was founded in 1966, its outlets, located mostly on busy streets and/or close to train stations, have been open 24 hours a day. Menu options vary slightly from one shop to another.

[No.1] Tentama Soba 460 yen

Soba topped with kakiage (tenpura vegetable strips deep fried with seafood) and an onsen-egg. A standard item on Fujisoba’s menu.


[No.2] Katsudon 480 yen

A bowl of rice and tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork cutlets) topped with a scrambled egg. The pork is boiled in Fujisoba’s own unique broth.


[No.3] Zaru Soba 380 yen

Served on a bamboo tray, cold buckwheat noodles sprinkled with strips of seaweed. These can be dipped into a richly flavored cold soup before eating. Enjoy the flavors of soba and seaweed.
This is a permanent fixture on Fujisoba’s summertime menu.


The prices differ from store to store.
The prices quoted above are standard prices.

Nadai Fujisoba

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