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This is a past article published in Hiragana Times. Each Japanese paragraph is followed by its English translation or vise versa, and furigana are placed above each kanji to make Japanese study even easier. [Magazine Sample] [Subscription Page]

Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut

[From January Issue 2015]


“Champon” is a dish of pork, seafood and vegetables cooked together in a soup. Including its overseas branches, there are more than 650 “Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut” stores. In addition to smaller sized champon served with plenty of vegetables, there are a wide range of varieties available to choose from. Popular too are gyouza (fried dumplings) that have a casing made from a mixture that contains rice powder. Flour, rice powder and vegetables are all made in-house. No preservatives or artificial colors are used. A set menu is also available for children.

[No. 1] Plenty of Vegetables Champon 680 yen

A 480 gram serving of seven kinds of vegetables are used in this champon. Compared to regular Nagasaki champon, double the quantity of cabbage, bean sprouts, and onion is used. A bowl of this champon provides the correct amount of vegetables (350 grams) a person needs per day.


[No. 2] Nagasaki Champon 540 yen

This standard dish at Ringerhut is made with 255 grams of vegetables. Many people order this dish together with gyouza.


[No. 3] Nagasaki Sara Udon 580 yen

Together with Nagasaki champon, this is one of the company’s trademark dishes. Slathered in a thick starchy sauce, this dish is poured onto a bed of deep-fried crispy thin noodles.


Prices quoted are for eastern Japan.

Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut

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