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This is a past article published in Hiragana Times. Each Japanese paragraph is followed by its English translation or vise versa, and furigana are placed above each kanji to make Japanese study even easier. [Magazine Sample] [Subscription Page]


[From Decemberber Issue 2014]


“Italian Wine & Cafe Restaurant Saizeriya” have over 1,000 branches both in Japan and overseas. The interiors are decorated in an Italian style and wines, olive oil and cheeses are imported from Italy. Even if they eat there every day, customers never tire of the simple seasoning and reasonable prices. Easily complimenting the main dishes, the soups, side dishes, wine, and soft drinks are particularly good value. In addition to Italian food, gratin, hamburger steaks, and more, are also on the menu.

[No. 1] Doria (baked rice and cheese gratin-style) Milanese, 299 yen

One third of customers order this. Building on 40 years of ongoing research, the dish has been repeatedly improved upon. The rich meat sauce and white sauce is popular.


[No. 2] Shrimp Salad, 299 yen

Salad topped with tender deep-water shrimps. After being harvested, the lettuce is kept at a temperature of four degrees centigrade and is chopped before being delivered to restaurants.


[No. 3] Spicy Hot Chicken, 299 yen

After being dipped in sauce, the chicken is seasoned with an original blend of spices. It’s popular for its juiciness and crispy texture. Since it has a mild taste, children can eat it, too.


Price includes tax.


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